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The Process

Ben Williams takes great care throughout the entire process of creating a photo from the moment when the shutter exposes the image to the final step of creating the final framed image.

1. Order Placed

Photos are ordered through the website in the size and frame type then the photo is prepared and sent to the printer.

2. Printed

All photos are custom printed to order with the highest quality printing locally in Sydney. Meticulous attention to detail is taken to make the photo look as amazing as it possibly can.

3. Signed

The artwork is signed with a small signature on the bottom right of the artwork

4. Edition Numbered

The photos are limited to 20 editions (labelled 1/20) and 2 artist proofs (labelled AP 1/2) and are labelled in small text on the bottom of the photo. Once all editions of any size or framing type have been created then no more are available for sale and no other versions of the photo will be printed again.

5. Verification Badge

On the back of each artwork there is a verification QR code badge that when scanned displays a digital certification of authenticity including the edition number, photo details and artwork owner to show that the artwork is genuine.


6. Framed

The photo is then carefully hand crafted in Sydney to the selected frame type ensuring the highest quality, beautifully finished artwork for your wall.

7. Shipping

Once the photo has been printed and framed it is packaged and shipped with great care so the artwork arrives safely.
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