Frequently Asked Questions

 How many editions are available of each photo?

Only 10 signed editions of each photo are available, once 10 have been sold the photo will no longer be available for reproduction.


Are the photos Australian Made?

All photos are taken by Ben Williams and are made Sydney, Australia

How long does delivery take?

Artworks are made to order and delivered between 1 to 2 weeks for the date of purchase


What types of products are available?

There are two types of products available: unframed prints and ready to hang acrylic face-mount wall pieces.

Fine art prints
These are unframed prints and delivered securely rolled so they can be framed later. This is a good option if you are will be travelling with the artwork overseas to have it framed later.

Acrylic Facemount
Acrylics are ready to hang and in my opinion are the most impressive way to display an artwork. This is perfect if you would like to order an artwork that will be ready to put on the wall and will match different interior styles and colours.





Can custom sizes be made to fit a specific wall size?

Yes, custom sizes can be made. The best way to organise a custom size acrylic is to contact us here. The maximum possible size of custom acrylic is 4 metres x 1.8 metres.


Is pickup available?

At the moment pickup isn't yet available although shipping is free throughout Australia