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Under the Sea

Photographing underwater is about being in an element of your own. Just like life above the water surface, underwater is made up of swirling waves and serenity. The tides are changing with the Autumn season bringing in the cooler waters.

Waves Moving Crash

All your senses switch on as you adjust to the underwater temperature plunging to the cool depths of the ocean, variations of blue to turquoise changing before your eyes the deeper you sink underwater.

Though limited in exploring only via scuba diving, free diving, or snorkeling, my preference is freediving which lets you move throughout different depths quicker than scuba diving. Unlike land, the depth of beauty found through photographing liquid is a poetic experience in itself.

Underwater Surface Reflection

Capturing the overhead sun, its rays shooting sunburst through the underwater world casting an entirely different view from moments earlier.

Underneath Curl Curl

The muted sounds of waves crashing overhead, looking up to see the white foamy shapes appearing and disappearing as quickly as they arrived.

Take the plunge and hang an underwater photo on your wall, it will take you to another place when you look upon it, filling you with a sense of calm and serenity as if you were almost there in that moment.

Rays of light at North Curl Curl

Isn’t it a dream to live under the sea?

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