Massive Storm Rolling Over Balmoral Beach

I have an obsession with clouds and storms so yesterday when I saw a huge storm coming in so I ran down to Balmoral Beach to get some photos. It was pretty amazing and even had a green light coming from the middle of the clouds that you could see as it passed straight over me which was followed by wind and then the rain.

I'd love to hear if anyone knows what the green/blue light is from.



I took some shots before being pelted with rain and running back to my car. Here's what I got, it's a panoramic shots which was made from 18 photos taken horizontally then stitched together to make a huge 102 megapixel photo.

I'll be doing some more work on this photo and adding it to my shop as a limited edition in the next few days.

 Storm panorama over Balmoral Beach


Here are some awesome photos from the Instagram community:

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