Choosing a type of artwork

The two types of artwork finishes that are available are Acrylic face-mount photos and fine art rolled prints. Acrylics are ready to hang while rolled prints are great for framing at a later date especially if they need to be posted internationally.

    About Acrylic Face-mount photos

    Acrylic face-mounts are the most impressive way to display premium wall art. The photo is bonded to the back of a piece of acrylic glass and have a brighter and more brilliant, sharper looking image than traditional framing.


    Acrylic facemount photo close up

    Acrylic is 5 times the strength of regular glass and only half the weight and because acrylic face-mount photos are frameless, they have a modern look and are suited to a wider range of backgrounds and walls whereas traditional framing must be matched in colour, frame thickness and frame type to suit their wall or surrounding interior.

    Acrylics can be taken with you if you move to a new house or they can be moved to a different room in the house without any problem of it not matching it's surroundings.

    Prints are merged onto an acrylic glass sheet which protects the print and if displayed correctly is expected to last for over 50 years.


    Acrylic facemount photo close up

    Proudly made in Australia, photos are printed on acid free, archival grade professional photographic media and the sealed image is protected from the elements such as moisture in the air, temperature and humidity changes and most of the harmful UV light from the sun is filtered out by the acrylic glass

    Acrylic facemount photo close up


    A hidden hanging system is attached to the back of the acrylic which allows easy hanging and creates an approximate 20mm space between the photo and the wall producing an impressive floating effect.


    Acrylic facemount photo close up

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